Grumpy Ambassadors

The Grumpy Scientist Open Invitation:

Intelligence and grumpiness often go together, especially when science is involved. With, we aim at raising awareness of the academic world, its unrecognised importance on our society, and its unspoken issues!

We do that with stories, our personal arXiv of mocking and pretty much laughing at almost every situation, stereotype, failed scientific theory, market trend or social label in the world.

Some of you scientists have received a tShirt from us! This is a self -funded effort, for those that haven’t please feel free to support our efforts with an Ambassador tShirt! We officially invite you to join our grumpy ambassadors community of scientists offline & online! It will be our honour to wear your tShirt in conferences, during your talks or simply as a pyjama being grumpy & thinking of science on your couch 🙂

Stay Grumpy – Stay Scientist