About Us


The Grumpy Scientist

  • The original (respect!)
  • The creative and grumpy behind the TGS project
  • Researcher in Theoretical Physics
  • 1,78 cm of citations
  • He is the way he is whether you like it or not
  • Hater and trash talker by nature
  • (NOT) Humble, (NOT) Patient (and NOT sorry about that)


The Grumpy Queen

  • Our CEO (respect!)
  • The Wonder Woman behind the TGS project
  • Master in Communication Science (we forgive her)
  • Product Manager
  • Tech excited (we forgive her again, we are not so grumpy at the end)
  • World Traveller (without wunderlust tattoo)
  • Very mean in the past


G-The Maker

  • Our graphic designer (respect!)
  • The hands behind the TGS project
  • Give him a MacBook (we forgive him as well) and he will sketch you the world
  • Coffee enthusiast
  • 300 pounds of pure art