A scientist walked in a seminar room…

You will see me a lot grumping about technology and how it turns us into slow, stupid, BS, human beings. So, the moment I stumbled upon this workshop’s ideology I had to share it with you. It should be the Code of Conduct of most seminars! I love it, and I rarely love stuff :/

* this workshop is a forum of ideas, not a showcase of accomplishements;

* we welcome everyone who joins, we question everyone who speaks;

* there will be no talk introductions, no session chairs, no pompous opening and closing speeches - we prepare the floor, participants create their own atmosphere;

* the meeting happens offline: no Internet is provided, no slide PDFs are distributed outside the workshop auditorium, and board talks are strongly preferred;

* the event has succeeded if the audience is awake;

* dear acclaimed senior speakers, not everyone works in your field - please motivate the presentation and provide some accessible entry points;

* dear junior postdocs, your talk is not a job interview - please reduce the amount of self-promotion and mundane result reporting, and teach us something of broad interest;

* coffee breaks shall be accompanied by Thai sweets;

* last but not least, let's enjoy!

See you in Thailand January 2019!

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